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Tulum offers the perfect combination of total relaxation, tranquility and seclusion, yet you can fill your day with so many interesting and rich activities you will never be bored.


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Tulum Caribbean Wonders is one of the most popular attractions in Riviera Maya that will allow you to discover an outstanding archeological site in Mexico, and a unique Mayan Emporium city that it’s fortified. Then we’ll take you to snorkel at one of the most beautiful spots in the area where you’ll observe an array of colorful tropical fish, marine turtles as well as rays. In the morning we’ll start our 45 minutes trip at the archeological area accompanied by a certified guide explaining the origins of this site. You’ll have 45 minutes of extra time for exploring by your own the surroundings and get that unforgettable travel photo. Later on you’ll go to snorkel at a tranquil and private inlet far away from crowds and ideal for observing a lot of tropical fish, swim with them and take photographs. You’ll get surprised with giant rays and marine turtles around as well as the clear visibility that you can enjoy in these Caribbean waters. During this attraction enjoy purified bottled water and an exquisite lunch at a picturesque restaurant with ocean view. Come to live a day of adventure, exploration and discovering at one of the most spectacular spots in the Caribbean Mexican.

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Tulum Private Tour

Tulum private tour 1 to 3 people. Group Price: $150.00*, Tulum private tour 4 to 10 people. Group Price: $200.00*


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